I am officially taking a break from Tumblr. I am trying to make changes in my life this year, and I am not sure if this site will have a place there anymore. Quite truthfully, updating my tumblr has become a job. Sometimes I go through fifty pages on my dashboard and there’s not one thing I want to reblog, and I simply can’t spend my valuable time like that. So I am going to take a break, make the changes I need to make, and then reconsider whether I want to post here anymore. As much as I love this site, it takes too much time and gives back very little.



lets go shopping by lauren mikalov on Flickr.

The Breeze, Mary Fairchild MacMonnies
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IMG_3350 by Maeve Buckenham

Potpourri, Lexden Lewis Pocock

Captives - Arthur Trevithin Nowell

Love letter from Gertrude Stein to Alice B. Toklas
“Because I didn’t say good night —and I miss it so— please know now how much I love you. Gertrude dearest. Good night.”

Another Walk in the Snow by Dee Nickerson
16x24cm acrylic on paper/board

Portrait of A Young Lady (1846). Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (Dutch, 1803-1862). Oil on canvas laid down on board.
In 1833 Koekkoek had married the artist Elise Therese Daiwaille (1814-1881) and no doubt was influenced by the fine techniques of portaiture that Daiwaille displayed. This work shows that Koekkoek had studied his sitter as well as he would study his landscapes, portraying the lady at peace with book in hand in the surrounding garden.

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